Question regarding FiSH.dll and pinvoke

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Question regarding FiSH.dll and pinvoke

Postby ravedome » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:48 am


I got FiSH.dll to encrypt/decrypt blowfish messages but I can't call it from C#.

The signature is as follows:

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FiSH_encrypt_msg(HWND mWnd, HWND aWnd, char *theData, char *params, BOOL show, BOOL nopause)

I tried the following:
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        public static extern String FiSH_encrypt_msg(
            System.IntPtr mWnd,
            System.IntPtr aWnd,
            StringBuilder data,
            StringBuilder param,
            Boolean show,
            Boolean nopause);

I keep getting the read/write memory error.

Anyone got any ideas on how to call this dll method?

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