I am a newbie.. needed some help

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I am a newbie.. needed some help

Postby Saswati » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:12 am

Hi Everybody,

I have .NET application that I want to profile. I saw the demo at the RedGate site and was really surprised by ANTS's ability to show the hit counts of individual lines in the code. But when I ran the profiler with my application, it is giving a list of methods taking the longest time, but I cannot see the code from where the methods were invoked.

And whats the meaning of the 'Hot' tag before a method. When I hover the mouse pointer on top of the method, I see this - "This method is part of the hottest stack trace through your application for the selected time period. Source code is not available for this method"
Whats the meaning?

Please help.

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Postby StephenC » Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:40 am

The hot tag represents the most expensive stack trace where the greatest amount of time was spent in a method and its children.

Not being able to see the source code is either because they are not your methods or the pdb files are not located in the directory so ANTS can't display any source code view. Usually if you point ANTS at the Debug folder there will be pdb files in there and you will see the line level code timings.

Alternatively, have you switched the profiling mode from the options in the opening dialog? If you selected only method level timing profiling mode you won't see any line level timings.

Those are the most common reasons.

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