c# how to get stream position of VLC playing a video file?

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c# how to get stream position of VLC playing a video file?

Postby drkadijo » Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:23 pm

i believe i once came across some code that could make that possible....
it most probably has to do something with InteropServidces and thats why im asking here

i need to know what video file on disk has the video player (VLC) open
i want to read the position of the stream that VLC video player has open on the source video file on disk drive...

and do all that through my C# application

i think it shuld be possible, because somehow a simmilar thing do those programs that show you what files are open by which programs - when you have trouble with locked files (btw can you recommend me any good programs like that... right now im using OpenedFilesView... and as i think of that - it would be cool to also know how those programs programmatically unlock teose locked files - and maybe i write my own app)

thanks a lot...

my first post here (eng. not my native language)
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