Command Line Script Error

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Command Line Script Error

Postby creejohson » Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:56 pm

Hi --

I'm trying to execute a package from the command line and want to upgrade an existing db. The arguments I'm using are below:

/server:myserver /database:mydb /username:myuser /password:mypassword /quiet

This fails with error: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database master

I read in the forum that giving the calling user those permissions will allow the script to be run successfully. I don't have that luxury unfortunately. Is there another way to execute an upgrade using this tool?

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Postby Matthew Flatt » Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:03 pm

Hi Chris,

What permissions does the user that will want to run the upgrade package have?

The CREATE DATABASE permission should only be needed for a new database package and not an upgrade package.

Matthew Flatt
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Matthew Flatt
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Postby nnodari » Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:04 pm

Matthew Flatt,

When we choose a "Package a Script" project the command line execution always try to "create a database".

i have the same problem...

There should be an argument as /upgrade, instead of /makedatabase
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Postby creejohson » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:31 pm

The user has database owner privileges, but they don't have any other server-wide privileges. They can run the package fine from the GUI but not from the command line...same issue as nnodari. If there was a /makedatabase:false switch or the switch nnodari suggested perhaps that would solve the problem.
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Postby Brian Donahue » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:52 pm

Hi Chris,

There is a bug in SQL Packager that is causing a database to be created whenever an existing script is packaged. The workaround for this is described in our knowledge base.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Brian Donahue
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