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Profiling Visual Studio

Postby alunharford » Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:19 pm

I'm developing an ASP.NET server control.

I can start devenv.exe from ANTS, but when the ASP.NET designer is opened and my controls loaded onto the page (the bit I want to profile!) Visual Studio crashes hard.

The event log contains an event:

.NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.1433 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (79FFEE24) (80131506)

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Any ideas?
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Postby Brian Donahue » Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:52 pm

Hello and thanks for your post.

It would be hard to say if this is the fault of ANTS Profiler of Visual Studio, but my bet is that if you are trying to design your control in Visual Studio at the same time as profiling it with ANTS Profiler, it's probably failing because the control is locked for exclusive access by one program or the other.

You could make a copy of your web application folder into your wwwroot folder if you want and host it in IIS, then tell ANTS Profiler to profile the web application hosted in IIS. That woul prevent any resource conflicts.
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