Great job, and an idea

Single-click script execution on multiple SQL Servers.

Great job, and an idea

Postby shadowbob » Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:11 pm

I just wanted to drop by and mention that I continue to really enjoy my Toolbelt subscription, and that the Multi Script product is another great tool!

My usage of SQLMS is generally fairly simple -- I create a modification to one database on my development server and need to synchronize the exact same change across dozens of databases on the same server. I currently make the change in SSMS and save the script to the desktop, then drag the script into SQLMS and run it across all databases.

One thing that would greatly speed me up is the ability to hit a hot key from SSMS to automatically run the script against a certain set of databases, all from within SSMS. (I realize this is probably fairly difficult.) For simplicity, you could even just copy the script out of the current window, save it somewhere, and drop it into a new instance of SQLMS, where I could then use the SQLMS UI to coordinate the execution.

You guys continue to do a great job with your products. Thanks again!
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Postby dlkj » Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:44 am

Hi Shadowbob,

Thanks for your feedback. Although we looked at SSMS integration for SQL Multi Script 1, it didn't make the final feature list due to time limitations.

I've logged your feedback and we will definitely consider better SSMS integration for future version of SQL Multi Script.
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