Problem with Executable filename

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Problem with Executable filename

Postby aperregatturv » Wed Dec 05, 2007 1:54 pm


I created a program using RedGate to update databases.
its Program.Utilities.exe everthing works fine. now, i have been told to rename the file to say progUtils.exe.
What i did was, i went to project properties and on Build Events i choose the post build option in VS 2005 and used the macro to rename the file out.
it worked but when i try to run the application on a test pc i get an error saying i need to get a valid license. But if I run it as Program.Utilities.exe everything works.

Please let me know how i can rename the executable and make it work.
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Postby richardjm » Wed Dec 05, 2007 3:21 pm

You will need to change the build target name of your exe as when visual studio incorporates the licenses it stamps the name into the resources when these don't match at runtime there is the failure you see.

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Postby Brian Donahue » Wed Dec 05, 2007 3:22 pm

Hi Arun,

Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, the only way to rename a licensed assembly is to build it again. The way that the Microsoft Licence Compiler embeds the licence into the assembly as a resource with the same name as the assembly means it cannot be renamed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Brian Donahue
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Postby aperregatturv » Wed Dec 05, 2007 4:21 pm

Thanks for the reply. I renamed the Assembly name and then worked.

Even though the code and everything is same i dont understand why the Microsoft Compiler thinks different.
Win32 was better..
Anyway, thanks again for info.

Different topic,
Now, that Microsoft released VS2008 with Database Edition
Are there any plans from RedGate to add an Addin for VS2008 for Database Edition.. this way i dont have run 2 apps i can use the Integrated SQL Compare from within IDE.

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