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Unavailable data

Postby robert1721ph » Tue May 08, 2007 8:55 am

Hi All,

Kindly assist me on sql log rescue. Why im getting unavailable data? Our current setup on our sql server is daily full backup database and transaction log. Now our main goal is to view all transactions, specially on updating and deleting of records on specific date and time and tables. We have just started backing up the transaction log last week april 3, 2007 and the database was last month march 1, 2007. To understand more clearly, I have these backup files.

database: db_20070501.bak, db_20070502.bak,... db_20070508.bak
transaction log: tlog_20070503.trn, tlog_20070504.trn,... tlog_20070508.trn

To test everything, I've been restored the database "db_20070503.bak", and also the transaction logs from tlog_20070503.trn to tlog_20070508.trn. Now, im expecting to view all transactions between this dates 20070503 to 20070508. However, im getting (Unavailable) data on some tables...

1. Why I'm getting unavailable data?
2. What is the best way or procedure to restore the database and viewing all the transactions on especific dates?
3. On the tool wizard "include these backup files", What databases and/or transaction logs should be included to view all transactions?
4. Is this the right tool, to achieve my main goal? Just viewing the transactions on specific date and time and tables? or just wasting my time and money? btw, I've already bought the tool...

Thanks in advance....

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Postby robert1721ph » Thu May 10, 2007 6:29 am

Any updates? Is there any tech support or any one could give answer to my concerns??? I have already email them but no one reply to me?

Is this ways of time and money? Is the software have a money back guarantee?
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Postby Daniel Handley » Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:46 am

Thanks for writing. If the data is unavailabel in the transaction log file, SQL Log Rescue still allows you to use the log backup files in the same way. So if the transactions have been purced from the live log, you can specify the full database backup and an unbroken chain of transaction logs in the backup files window, then SQL Log Rescue will treat the transactions recorded in the log backups as if they were really in the logs.
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