SQL Compare v11 Beta Release Notes

SQL Compare 11 (including SQL Server 2014 Support) is currently in beta and we are looking for feedback.

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SQL Compare v11 Beta Release Notes

Postby JonathanWatts » Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:03 pm

You can download the beta of SQL Compare 11 from the Red Gate website.

SQL Compare 11 is still in development and therefore is not a finished product and may not work in your particular environment.

We'd really appreciate your feedback.

Current version:

This version includes the following features:
• Comparison and deployment of memory-optimized table types
• Backup commands are included in the deployment script
When you select the ‘Back up before deployment’ option in the deployment wizard, the backup commands are now included at the top of the deployment script. This means you can back up the target even if you run the deployment script in Management Studio.
• ‘Do not add error handling statements to deployment scripts’ project option
When you run the deployment script in Management Studio, this option allows the deployment script to fail when an error is encountered. You can only select this option if transactions are not used in deployment scripts. When you deploy directly from SQL Compare, a deployment is always terminated when an error is encountered.

If your deployment includes memory-optimized tables, memory-optimized table types and/or natively compiled stored procedures, you need to:
• make sure that the target database has a memory-optimized filegroup
• turn on the ‘Do not use transactions in deployment scripts’ option

Changes to beta features
In the previous beta version (, memory-optimized tables were deployed as disk-based tables when downgrading to older SQL Server versions (SQL Server 2012 or earlier, or a SQL Server 2014 database with compatibility levels 100 and 110). This is not consistent with how SQL Compare used to handle deployment of new object types to older SQL Server.

From version, memory-optimized tables will always be deployed as memory-optimized tables regardless of the version of the server. However, users will get a warning before deployment if the target database is not SQL 2014.

Behavioral differences
• If you turn on the ‘Ignore indexes’ option, differences in indexes for memory-optimized tables are ignored if the only differences between the tables are the indexes. However, if there are other differences between the tables, all indexes will be deployed.
• The ‘Ignore collations’ option is not applied to memory-optimized tables.

Known issues
• If the ‘Ignore filegroups, partition schemes and partition functions’ option is enabled, the deployment of incremental statistics might fail if they rely on partition schemes or functions which are being ignored
• SQL Compare 11 doesn’t support comparing and deploying backup files (native or SQL Backup) containing memory-optimized tables

Bug fixes
This version includes the following bug fixes:
• Fix for the trial expiry issue encountered in version when upgrading from a previous beta version
• SC-6875: Fix for the issue where inconsistent comparison results are shown when reversing compare direction between scripts folder and database for compressed partitioned tables
• SC-6438: (Regression) Registering partition functions with null values no longer throws an error
• SC-6263: Serializing/deserializing partition functions with null values no longer causes NullReferenceException
• SC-7319: Adding dependencies for certain CLR in backups no longer causes NullReferenceException
• SC-6632: ALTER SCHEMA statement is now included for objects whose name has not changed but schema has
• SC-6650: When using /include=\"StaticData\" and a static data table's primary key consists of a field that is a user-defined table, comparison no longer fails with \"Unsupported column type - Empty\"
• SC-6985: TesselationScheme is now correctly registered on spatial indexes
• SC-6750: A table rebuild is no longer incorrectly scripted out when deploying changes in tables with FILESTREAM columns
• SC-7370: Sequences no longer show differences when they are equal
• SC-7464: A duplicate extended property name when registering user-defined table type
• SC-7451: Fix for the issue where ANSI_NULLS is reported incorrectly in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 after certain ALTER VIEW operations
• SC-6051: Partitioned tables no longer rebuild when the number of partitions of the underlying partition schemes change
• SC-5662: Clicking Owner Mapping tab followed by Table Mapping tab no longer incorrectly shows “No data source selectedâ€
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