Add A Column To A Table With ExtendedProperty

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Add A Column To A Table With ExtendedProperty

Postby aultmike » Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:41 pm

I use this snippet when I want to add a column to a table and want to add a blurb about this columns purpose.

Getting into the habit of using the ExtendedProperty also allows me to use SQLDoc to create documentation. No brainer! ;-)

USE <DatabaseName>

ALTER TABLE dbo.<TableName> ADD <ColumnName> <DataType> NULL
--The statement below allows you to add a description to the field
--you're adding so that you can use SQLDoc to generate documentation
EXEC sp_addextendedproperty N'MS_Description',
N'<Description of the purpose of the column>',
'SCHEMA', N'dbo', 'TABLE', N'<TableName>', 'COLUMN', '<ColumnName>'
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