BUG: ctrl-alt-d causes db selection to change

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BUG: ctrl-alt-d causes db selection to change

Postby jbarntish » Fri May 07, 2010 10:55 pm

Here's how to reproduce this:

- Within SSMS object explorer, select any database.
- Open SQL Search.
- Notice that the DB you selected in SSMS is listed in the database drop down of SQL Search
- Run a search (on anything)
- Change the database in the SQL Search drop down
- Hit ctrl-alt-d to refresh the search.

What's happening to me is the database drop down in SQL Search is reverting to the DB selected in SSMS.

Now try this:

- Select a different database using SSMS object explorer.
- Hit ctrl-alt-d

Notice again that the DB has changed to the SSMS selected database.

Is this expected behavior? I would expect that the selected DB in SQL Search would override the selection in the object explorer.

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