What's steps required to connect using TFS 2008 ?

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What's steps required to connect using TFS 2008 ?

Postby ya3mro » Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:38 am

What's steps required to connect using TFS 2008 ?
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What's steps required to connect using TFS 2008?

Postby sherr » Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:16 am

1) You must have Team Explorer installed on your client machine that is using SQL Source Control through SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). You will probably want to install Team Explorer 2008. (If Team Explorer is NOT installed, then you will see a missing prerequisite message when you select the TFS radio button when linking your db to source control.)

2) You should create an emtpy "Database" folder in your TFS repo. To do this:
- Open Visual Studio
- Select View > Team Explorer
- Add an existing Team Project
- Connect to a Team Foundation Server
- Double click on the "Source Control" folder, this will open the "Source Control Explorer"
- Right click on the tree and select Get Latest Version
- Navigate to where you want to create your database folder
- Right click in the main explorer window, not the tree
- Select New Folder
- Give your new folder a name
- Right click on the folder and select "Check In Pending Changes..."
- Add a comment and click Check In

3) Now back in SSMS, right click on a db and select "Link DB to source control...."

4) On the setup tab, click the "Create new link to source control..." link

5) Select TFS if this is not the default. (SQL Source Control will remember the last source control system you linked to.)

6) Select or enter the TFS Server URL.

7) If you have Team Explorer 2008 installed, then you can Browse the Team Foundation Server and select the empty folder you created.

8) Click "Create link"

9) Click on the "Commit changes" tab. Enter a comment like "initial db baseline" or "initial commit" and click "Commit."

Your db is now linked to source control and your initial commit is completed. Now you can have other users link their db to the same central repo. You're ready to start making changes to your dev db and once you're happy with the change, right-click on the db or node under the db and select commit changes. This brings you back to the commit changes tab. Enter a comment and commit your changes.

I hope this helps!
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