Multi-Database Issues

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Multi-Database Issues

Postby csuire » Fri May 23, 2014 9:57 pm

SQLSearch2 sometimes detects the current database.
Othertimes it defaults to all databases.

For servers with LOTS of database, it can be annoying when it defaults to all databases.
The UI does not allow you to type a specific database name into the dropdown to aid in finding a specific database, which results in lots of scrolling.

When the SQL Search 2 database control has focus. Can you add support for typing the name of the database and have it narrow down the list as you type, and without using the mouse, select a specific database from the list.

Maybe also add an option to prevent SQL Search 2 from defaulting to All Databases. When the option it turned on, it would default to no database -- or be better at detecting the current database.
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