SQL script Deployment on All Environments

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SQL script Deployment on All Environments

Postby rjayakumar » Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:45 am

We have 3 different environments and when DM is chosen to deploy the script - the deployment happens on all 3 servers.

What might have gone wrong?

The deploy.ps1 code is as below.

sqlcmd.exe -S $databaseServer -U $databaseUserName -P $databasePassword -i query.sql -d $databaseName | Out-Default

The SQL Script being executed is as below (query.sql):

use dbname
insert into [dbo].[tablebname] values ('testExecution',Getdate())
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Postby csmith » Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:05 pm


I believe you've been in direct contact with my colleagues Emma and Mike to look at this issue in depth.

I understand that we weren't able to recreate an issue with Deployment Manager and that you've now solved the problem.

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Chris Smith
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