SQBCoreservice consuming 80 - 90% cpu

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SQBCoreservice consuming 80 - 90% cpu

Postby stevenhoban » Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:44 pm

I need help troublshooting as to why whenever we get a 100% processor utilization using sql monitor the culprit is always SQBCoreservice consuming 80% - 90% processor usage.
There are no conflicting jobs running at the time ( it appears to be random, happening a few times a week on various servers on our estate)
The transaction log is backed up every 10 mins using a sql backup 7. There are no other backups occuring ( these happen at 1am in the morning when nobdoy is accessing the servers)
Do I need to actually monitor things as the problem occurs ? I have only noticed the matter after the event - it mostly only happens for around 5 - 10 mins but the other day it lasted for 25 mins.
I understand the compression is the only cpu intensive process from the reply i recieved last time. This doesnt explain though why it would suddenly max out the cpu as we are backing up every 10 mins ( the trans log) and generally no issues througout the day.
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