First attempt at Memory Profiler

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First attempt at Memory Profiler

Postby X22 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:32 pm

Hi there,

This is my first attempt at using Memory Profiler for my Windows Forms .NET application and after viewing various pages, it seems as if understanding everything is a minefield. Therefore to get me underway, could you advise me on whether the following summary values are good or bad?

Total size of live objects:
Total size of objects in baseline snapshot: Baseline not set
Total size of objects in snapshot 57 (53:25): 2.909MB
Difference in size between snapshots: Baseline not set

Memory fragmentation:
Total number of fragments: 20
Number of large fragments: 1 (95.8% of free memory)
Wastage due to small fragments: 85.13KB (4.16% of free memory)
Largest fragment: 1.913MB (95.8% of free memory)
*** No issues with large object heap fragmentation were detected ***

.NET and unmanaged memory:
Generation 1: 0 bytes
Generation 2: 2.757MB
Large Object Heap: 170.4KB
Unused memory allocated to .NET: 1.997MB
Unmanaged: 112.4MB

Largest Classes:
Free space: 1.997MB
string: 549.7KB
Byte[]: 485.5KB
RuntimeMethodInfo: 195.3KB
Other classes: 1.708MB

I think I should be concentrating on the Unmanaged memory. Perhaps the biggest cause of this is the use of Crystal Reports and Adobe Flash (.swf) being loaded.

I look forward to your responses and many thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Postby Chris.Allen » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:08 pm

Far more efficient- feel free to send your saved memory profiling report to us at
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