Problem with Initial Static Data Check-In

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Problem with Initial Static Data Check-In

Postby AndrewJacksonZA » Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:41 am

With my initial static data check-in, no data could be found to update another database with. I'm using SVN.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Database CPU is under source control.
  • Select static data from tables Registers and Pipelines.
  • When committing the static data, realise that you've made a mistake and only want static data from Registers, so you only commit Registers.
  • Go to the "Static data to source control..." screen and deselect Pipelines.
  • Go to the commit tab and see that there are no changes to commit into the source control repository.
  • Create new database ALU.
  • Link ALU to the SVN repository.
  • Get the latest changes.
  • Notice that there is no data in the list of changes, and there is no data available in subsequent refreshes of the list of changes.

My RedGateDatabaseInfo.XML file has the following entry:
Code: Select all

When I've played around some more, I got:
Code: Select all
which is correct. I could get this data into the ALU database OK.
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Can't reproduce

Postby sherr » Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:08 pm

Andrew and I have both tried to reproduce this, but could not. If anyone else experiences this problem, please get in touch.

For the v2.0.0.37 EA release, getting the schema and data for the same table is a 2 step process. Only the schema will appear at first on the get list. Once you get the schema, then you can get the data.
Thank you!
Stephanie M. Herr :-)
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